ABOUT US – Artful Expressions by Mary & Kenny


Hello and welcome to Artful Expressions by Mary & Kenny!
I'm Mary Jackson, the original artist of Artful Expressions. Since 2000, I have painted hundreds of murals in homes and businesses, meeting many wonderful people, who have also become friends. Over the years many jobs have come from people seeing my 'art van' tooling around Lansing, Michigan.


In 2013, I pulled up next to a white pickup truck at a stop light. A handsome man gave me a big smile and a Texas "Howdy Ma'am" nod--prompting a little hair primp. Good thing too, because at the next light, there we were again, facing each other with more smiles.

Well, that man called the phone number on my van--He turned out to be a painting contractor! So we talked business....then we talked personal...then we got married...and now we make beautiful art together!

My 'pickup' man/husband, Kenny Prescher, and I are a natural team. Kenny is a craftsman, jigsawing each original piece out of wood. Then, I paint each one and add some 'bling'. We use a variety of found objects and up-cycled materials in our work. Our product line continues to evolve and grow. However, we are most passionate about our FISH.

Kenny and I wanted to work together on art we would both enjoy and found that creating FISH is fun for a girl or a boy!

We hope our creations bring YOU joy too--while also finding a good home for a FISH!